Want to get healthier?

We hear all the time from patients that want to become healthier but truly don’t know how. They know they should “lose weight and eat better,” but what does that mean? How do the numbers on the scale and in the lab reports keep getting higher year after year? How do we keep adding medication after medication but don’t feel any better or seem any healthier?

Have you been told you’re pre-diabetic? That your cholesterol is creeping higher and higher? Your blood pressure is going up even after starting another blood pressure medication?

We’re here to help. We know there are people who WANT to get healthier. Our health does not have to be on a downward spiral for the rest of our lives. There ARE things you can do to take control of your health and feel better day by day. And we’d love to teach you!

Our pharmacists are trained in functional medicine. Functional medicine is sometimes known as “root cause medicine.” Whereas sometimes conventional medicine is known as “a pill for an ill.” This means that instead of putting bandaids on symptoms to suppress them, without necessarily trying to stop what is causing the symptom in the first place, we’re trained to help you figure out what is causing the symptoms. And not just stopping there, we want to help you fix the problem upstream to create a ripple of positive effects in your body.

A lot of the answers are known as “lifestyle medicine.” Lifestyle medicine is treating your daily choices as if they were medicine to your body, because they are. What you eat directly affects your health. How much you move your body directly affects your health. Your stress level directly affects your health. All health practitioners agree on this! But not all health practitioners agree on what extent we should be teaching people the practical steps to use these tools to take control of their health. It’s a bummer because theses steps are usually FREE and with no negative side effects.

We’d love to help you! We have a program specifically designed to walk you through your cardiometabolic health. This includes insulin resistance, diabetes, cholesterol, stress, and more. We will help you learn about these conditions and what you can do to improve your health. Our free 15-minute no-strings-attached consultation can help you decide if this program is a good fit for you. Click here to learn about CM Vitals- our program for cardiometabolic health.

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