Blood Sugar and Hunger Control with GlycemaCORE

It can be hard during the holiday season to stick to a healthy diet and maintain healthy blood sugar levels, especially at parties and family gatherings. We often find ourselves tempted by delicious homemade dinners and endless sweet desserts. But there’s good news! A natural nutritional supplement made by Ortho Molecular Products can help you keep your health goals.
GlycemaCORE Whey Protein is a drink mix formula that supports blood sugar balance already within normal levels. In addition to curbing hunger, it provides many nutrients, including fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids with no added sugar. It’s available in delicious chocolate and vanilla flavors as well as a rice protein-based option for those avoiding animal products.
Take 1 serving of GlycemaCORE before a meal and you’ll find that your appetite will be satisfied even  though you ate less! In addition to balancing blood sugar, GlycemaCORE can help with weight loss and can improve cardiovascular health.
If you’re interested in GlycemaCORE we would be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have. Come by our pharmacy and pick up a container or call us at (405)348-1677 for more information!