Best Local Pharmacy in Edmond – Hospital Discount Pharmacy- Here’s Why!

Hospital Discount Pharmacy is the best local pharmacy in Edmond, OK!

Looking for a new pharmacy in Edmond, OK? You’re in the right place!

Hospital Discount Pharmacy is the pharmacy you didn’t know you’ve been missing. If you grew up thinking corner-store 24-hour pharmacies are the only type of pharmacy, we invite you to come experience the difference!

Typically, new people walk into our store after a bad experience with a corner-store, or they are looking for specialty items that we carry. Then they say something along the lines of, “can I start using your pharmacy for all my family’s prescriptions!!?” Our answer is, “yes!!”

Or new people say, “My friend told me how much she LOVES your pharmacy! I can’t say the same about mine. Can I transfer to your pharmacy?!” Of course we say, “yes!!”

Our pharmacy has plenty of staff members available at all times, so we can help you quickly and efficiently!

Many of pharmacy staff members have worked at our pharmacy for 15-20 years, so we know your name, we know your family, we know your medical history.

When you call us, you don’t have to push a bunch of buttons and wait on hold! A real person answers the phone!

We don’t have a drive-through, but we don’t think that’s a bad thing! We always offer free curbside-delivery, so just call us when you arrive and someone will bring your items to your car. No more waiting in drive-through lines, we can help multiple people at once! And call us old-fashioned, but we like to see your face in the pharmacy and chat with you about football, your grandkids, and whatever else is going on!

Doctor’s offices love our pharmacy! Many local physicians, office staff, and their families call Hospital Discount Pharmacy THEIR pharmacy too! Our relationships with your doctors benefits you in many ways. We know how to get ahold of them, they trust us, and they enjoy working with us. You’ll see why!

Hospital Discount Pharmacy offers same-day delivery in Edmond. Forgot to get your refill and you’re stuck at work until 6? For a $5 delivery fee, we’ll bring your prescriptions to you at work or at home! If you call us before 2ish… we can usually bring them to you the same day!

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Hopefully we’ve convinced you that Hospital Discount Pharmacy is the best local pharmacy in Edmond, OK! If you need a few more reasons to believe us, give us a call 405-348-1677!

We can’t wait for the chance to earn your business!

best local pharmacy in Edmond, OK Hospital Discount Pharmacy