Compression Hose

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Compression Socks

Has your doctor recommended compression socks?

Compression socks, also referred to as compression stockings or compression hose, can improve blood circulation by encouraging blood flow back to the heart.  These support hose have graduated compression and are tightest at the foot and ankle. This design reduces the blood and fluid pooling at the ankles and feet. Doctors can recommend compression hose for problems with swelling (edema), blood clots (DVT), painful blood vessels, and many other circulatory problems. Compression hose are also recommended for long flights. Athletes often use athletic compression socks to assist in recovery.
Hospital Discount Pharmacy has staff members who have been certified by compression hose manufacturers for their expertise. Our certified fitters can measure you and help you select the best style and size for you specifically. We can also show you how to put on your socks, how to wash them, and other tips and tricks.
We offer several manufacturers including Sigvaris and Jobst. We have a large selection of sizes, styles, and colors in our pharmacy, and we can also special-order any hose you need that are not in stock. We carry compression hose accessories to assist patients or caregivers with putting on hose. We also carry accessories such as washing solution, rubber gloves, and liquid adhesive.
We also carry TED hose, a specific type of compression socks for people who are non-ambulatory and do not regularly walk around for a period of time.

How to order:

Do you need compression hose? Come by our pharmacy to be measured. We have staff members able to assist you any time the pharmacy is open. We recommend that you are measured early in the morning, before your legs begin swelling. Call the pharmacy if you have any questions!