Vitamins and Supplements for the Family

We know parents take great precaution before giving their families vitamins and supplements. Our pharmacists go to great lengths to choose the best products from trustworthy companies.

Some of our favorite products for babies, children, moms, dads, and the whole family include:

  • Thorne Childrens Basic Nutrients (capsules that can be swallowed or opened up and sprinkled into drinks or on food)
  • Ortho Molecular Products Kid-D drops (can be dosed for babies too!)
  • Ortho Molecular Products Springboard FloraBites Chewable Probiotics
  • Metagenics Metakids Baby Probiotic Drops
  • Ortho Molecular Products Ortho-Biotic Powder Probiotic (can be used for babies and children)
  • Ortho Molecular Products D-Hist Natural Allergy Support
  • Ortho Molecular Products IgG Family Immunity Boost (made from colostrum)
  • Ortho Molecular Products Vitamin D3 5000IU
  • Ortho Molecular Products Ortho-Biotic

We are happy to help you figure out which products are safe during pregnancy and post-natal. We also can help you choose products for your children of all ages. We have over the counter natural and gentle products for your family for immune support, allergies, digestion, probiotics, vitamins, and more! Just ask our pharmacists! No appointment necessary!