RX4Wellness and the functional medicine pharmacists from Hospital Discount Pharmacy are excited to offer SOS- a stress recovery program.

Is chronic stress affecting your health? Chronic stress silently deteriorates many aspects of your health, including hormone imbalances and modifications to the structure and function of your brain. These changes make it more challenging to cope with daily stress, decrease concentration and memory, and eventually will lead to a mental or brain fog. Other than shrinking brain cells, stress may cause blood sugar fluctuation, weight gain, weakening of the immune system, high blood pressure and a risk of heart attack, as well as, oxidative stress and acceleration of the aging process. Amazingly, the effects of stress often go unnoticed until the accumulation manifests as mental or physical exhaustion or burnout. Due to the overall compromised health and chronic disease stress causes, it has often been referred to as “The Silent Killer.”


Our SOS Stress Recovery Program

The SOS Stress Recovery Program is a nutrition and lifestyle program designed to bring the mind and body back into balance while eliminating the unhealthy effects of stress. Recommendations are provided for recovering from the four major factors that trigger a stress response: mental and emotional stress, insomnia, blood sugar imbalances, and inflammation. 

Learn More About Our Approach

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Our team of functional medicine trained pharmacists can provide you with targeted lifestyle and nutrition protocols for transforming your stress. Finally you will be able to ask your questions, understand what is going on in your body, and learn what YOU can do to take back control of your health!

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Schedule a FREE 15-minute introductory consultation with one of our functional medicine pharmacists to determine if this 6 week program is the right fit for you. CLICK HERE to schedule your free consultation. This no-strings-attached consultation can take place online via zoom or in person at Hospital Discount Pharmacy in Edmond, OK.