Cold and Flu Defense

January 12, 2019 by Hospital Discount Pharmacy

The season of sickness is upon us and maintaining a strong immune system is crucial especially for those around the young and old. This isn’t an easy task however, with all the stress of life, poor diet, and lack of sleep so commonly seen this time of year! Sometimes we need some help, which is exactly why we recommend a product called WholeMune by Ortho Molecular. It contains the most well-researched, beta-glucan, that once swallowed, activates powerful neutrophils, our body’s natural immune fighters, to move faster and stronger to protect us!! Another great benefit to WholeMune is that if you take it for 3 consecutive months you continue to maintain immune protection for the next 3 months as well! It also increases effectiveness of antibiotics when you have to take them to help you recover and feel better faster. Remember that it is always important to supplement your body with proper nutrition as well so your immune system can fight on all cylinders!! We at Hospital Discount are fully stocked with WholeMune and a 30 day supply is only $27.30. Come in a grab some today!!