Advantages to Using an Independent Pharmacy

Do you know the benefits to using an independently-owned pharmacy?

Patients of Hospital Discount Pharmacy consider themselves part of a pharmacy family. The rewards of that are boundless!

When your pharmacist knows you, your history, your family members, your life story, you are so much more than a medication profile and a refill number. That absolutely leads to better overall patient care. After all, knowledge IS power! Almost a super power, because a pharmacy staff that’s tuned in to you doesn’t have to rely on some generalized guess work of what “everybody usually needs.”

Speaking of the pharmacy staff, you are more likely to deal with the same people over a long period of time when you go Independent.  There’s usually less staff turn over than at some chain store, and we know that improves relationships. We also try to ensure we have plenty of pharmacy employees on duty at all times. So many times, there are more of us working, looking out for you. First time patients are shocked at how quickly and efficiently their prescriptions  are filled.

We do our homework too! Hospital Discount Pharmacy carefully chooses an inventory designed to provide just the right prescription products and over the counter supplies. As an independent store, we make our own decisions about that. We can make special orders for customers, and even keep those things in stock just for you! Most of our orders arrive the following business day.

Want to see something really funny? Ask an employee at one of the chains if they will deliver your medicines to you!

Our delivery service is FREE if you live within a 5 mile radius, and have a limited ability to pick up your own prescriptions.  If you would like to use our pharmacy, but have concerns about business hours, talk to us! We will see if we can work something out for you!  We are here a lot though! We open at 8:00 am Monday through Friday, and don’t close until 6:00 pm. We’re here from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturdays. We do take Sundays off.

It is true that some insurance companies dictate which pharmacies their patients can use, but sometimes they just don’t advertise the fact that you CAN use an independent store.  Usually the copay is exactly the same. That can be true EVEN when  the chain store is owned by the insurance company. All it takes is a phone call for us to transfer your prescription and find out!

We don’t have the space for a drive-through, but a phone call can bring us right out to you. If you have small children, or can’t just jump out of the car and run in for some other reason, call us!  We are more than happy to Car-Hop for you! (but we don’t do roller skates!)  ; )

Come see if an independent pharmacy can benefit you, or call us today! 405-348-1677  We look forward to the chance to earn your business!

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